Court in Somaliland Sentences 4 Youngsters who Robbed a Japanese Photo Artist




Hargeisa regional court in Somaliland yesterday sentenced four youngsters who robbed a Japanese photographer on broad daylight.

The four youngsters admitted of the robbery they committed and further revealed that they stole 5000 US dollars from him.

The court sentenced 2 years and 9 months jail term and ordered to pay back the robbed money to the Japanese national who was visiting Somaliland. Mr. Kazawa Taichi, a photo artist arrived in Somaliland on 24th December 2017 met him in Kood Buur village in Hargeisa and robbed him.

They stole his passport, hard disk, lens camera and 5000 US dollars from him. The youngsters met him and asked him to take a picture two of them while the other snatched his bag pack from behind and run away with it.The photo that he took from them made easier for Criminal Investigation department to recognize their identity.



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