Somaliland keen to cement relations, cooperation with Ethiopia – Dr. Saad Ali Shire


The Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs, Saad Ali Shire (PhD), in his exclusive interview with Walta TV said that Somaliland is making unreserved effort to cement cooperation with Ethiopia in security, economic and people to people relations at large.

Dr. Saad underscored that peace and security are mandatory to assure growth and development of countries. Somaliland and Ethiopia are cooperating and maximizing efforts to maintain peace and stability.

He added that the economic cooperation between Somaliland and Ethiopia is historical and is growing. The Berbera Port is developing, Ethiopia is maximizing share on the port; besides, the port is at a close distance to Ethiopia ; in this regard, Ethiopia will be more beneficiary from it.

“Somaliland considers Ethiopian development as its own development; as the neighbors develop and become prosperous it directly or indirectly benefits others. The construction of the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam over the Nile surely brings about development to Ethiopia and this will wrap off Somaliland with sale of electric power.”  he added.

On December 2017 Somaliland has elected President Musa Bihi Abdi during the National election and the peaceful and democratic transfer of power was hailed as exemplary for other African countries by observers; he said adding that this achievement will help a lot for the upcoming endeavors of the country.

Despite a working government and a strong economy, autonomous region of Somaliland continues to have difficulties in its recognition attempt to be regarded as a sovereign nation, the Somaliland government and the people consider themselves as independent state, however internationally the status of the state has been hanging in limbo since it split from Somalia in May 18, 1991.

It was noted that Ethiopia has granted hundreds scholarships to Somaliland citizens at various public universities around the nation, it was noted.

The Ethiopian Airlines, the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, some private universities and other businesses sectors are working Somaliland.

Source: Walta Information Center


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